Are You Looking For Game Changing Insights
That Maximize Your Research ROI?

Rand Market Research Corp. is a boutique research agency that provides marketing strategy, consumer insight and facilitation services.

We Are Collaborative Thought Partners

We proactively ask the right questions to the right people to get the right insights and solutions for our clients.  Across the entire research process - from briefing to design to implementation to recommendations - 
we seek to understand our client’s business as if it was our own.

“It is truly a collaborative exchange.  We always feel that you care as much about our business and the research as we do, and that you are equally (if not more) intellectually curious about the learnings we uncover.  In my experience, this is incredibly rare.”

We Are Seasoned Marketers & Researchers

We bring a high degree of experience from many different backgrounds and industries.  Senior staff will manage your project from start to finish.

"You are true domain experts who know your stuff. You are great at helping us figure out what it is we need to learn 
and then navigating your way to those moments of truth.”

We Are Strategic Thinkers

We are focused on the “so what” - relentlessly delivering deep, actionable insights that help our clients build their businesses and drive brand leadership and strategy.

“You think strategically - look to answer the 'so what' and identify actionable recommendations beyond
just stating the obvious observations.”