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Lee Rand


Lee Rand founded Rand Market Research in January 1997. A long-standing figure in the North American market research industry, Lee still has the same passion and drive to help her clients win as she did when she started her career in Market Research and Consulting more than twenty-four years ago.  Her mastery of Qualitative and Quantitative research techniques, across a broad range of industries, categories, brands and businesses, allows her to add value to every project from start to finish.

Prior to founding the Firm, Lee Rand worked as a Research Manager for Kraft Canada, and Sklar Wilton & Associates. In both of these positions, Lee was responsible for managing the qualitative and quantitative market research needs of her clients (internal at Kraft Canada and external at Sklar Wilton & Associates). As such, Lee has a strong understanding of both the client and supplier side, as well as extensive experience across a broad range of methodologies including qualitative, quantitative and secondary source research.

Lee Rand also worked as a Senior Management Consultant for Price Waterhouse.


Michele Hirak Fletcher

Executive Director, Strategy & Insights

Michele is a seasoned research and marketing specialist.  She brings over twenty years of Facilitation, Brand Management, Retail and Consulting experience to our team. Her practice spans an extensive range of global brands and categories within packaged goods, retail, financial and service industries.  

Michele brings a valuable mix of supplier and client-side experience to the table.  She has a first-hand appreciation of the marketing decisions and challenges faced by clients, having worked as a Brand Manager at Unilever Canada prior to joining Rand.  She also recognizes the importance of shopper and trade relationships in the marketing mix thanks to her national account responsibility for a number of Unilever’s flagship categories with the company’s largest retail drug customer.

Michele’s true passion and curiosity for consumer behavior lead her to Rand, where she has been a professionally trained moderator since 2002, now serving as Executive Director.  Having been on both sides of the client-supplier relationship, she prides herself on delivering insightful, relevant and actionable research. 

She launched her career at A.T. Kearney Management Consulting where she worked on large strategic initiatives driven by CXO level management.  For the past decade, Michele has also served as an active Board of Director and Council Member with non-profit community organizations.


Tamara Amar

Director, Qualitative Insights

Tamara is  a RIVA-trained, very experienced moderator who has been with Rand Market Research since 2001. In her fifteen years in the market research field, she has accumulated vast experience working across a broad variety of consumer packaged goods categories, as well as retail and service based industries.

Prior to joining Rand Market Research, Tamara worked extensively in the non-for profit sector, both in the United States and abroad.


Eva Blaff

Director, Recruiting and Quality Assurance

Eva has been managing Recruiting and Quality Assurance at Rand Market Research Corp for over eight years.   She works closely with Recruiting Companies across North America to ensure that our recruiting is the best in the industry.

Eva has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto.  Prior to joining Rand Market Research Corp, Eva worked in the Retail industry for ten years and then spent her favourite ten years as a stay-at-home mom, enjoying every moment with four amazing children.


Amelia's Pic for Website

Amelia Cheston

Research Manager

Amelia developed a curiosity for Market Research while analyzing the implications of loyalty marketing for her MA thesis in Sociology at Queen’s University. After returning from a year of traveling abroad, she completed the Research Analyst Post-Graduate Program at Humber College, where she received specialized training to work in the Research industry.

Since joining the Rand team in 2016, Amelia’s initial curiosity for Market Research has flourished into a passion for understanding consumer behaviour and uncovering actionable insights.