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Client Testimonials

Deeper Insights

We are single-mindedly focused on getting below the surface, understanding why consumers and professionals behave and respond as they do.

“Great listeners. Can anticipate what we are trying to learn and adeptly and proactively ask the right probing questions to get us the insights.”

When you uncover something, that’s because it’s really new. That’s what really sets you apart.”

Insights To Action

We ensure projects culminate in tangible, actionable recommendations that take into account both the insights identified in the research and our clients' business reality.

“You probe until you get actionable insights, and you won’t stop until then.”

“Bringing customer insights to life in an engaging way and translating customer insights into strategic business recommendations.”

Highest Standards

We set only the highest standards for our research and are committed to delivering top quality service on every aspect of every project.

Demonstrates a strong level of qualitative expertise in all aspects – design, moderating and reporting”

“Overall experience from the briefing to the action planning, you are strong end to end.”

True Partners

We love to work collaboratively with our clients. We want to build long term relationships so that we can leverage past research and ensure our clients are always obtaining new insights.

“Rand Market Research Corp. does a great job of working with us as a true research and insights partner. They are able to bring previous experience into new projects, and to weave qualitative and quantitative research findings into integrated insights and recommendations.”

When I’m working with you, you feel the pain as we do, things change/scope changes, whatever changes along the way, you are there with us.  Great sense of partnership with your clients."

Flexibility and Agility

Things change. We get that. We go above and beyond to adjust and respond throughout the research process to deliver the results our clients need.

“You move mountains to accommodate the research. Always willing to adapt on the fly.”

“Managing the project from start to finish, conscientious about making sure we are getting what we need from the research and making suggestions to do things differently if it’s not working."


We are consistently exploring latest techniques and methods to enrich and expand our research toolbox.

“You do a great job of offering up interesting approaches to doing research. I really value this.” 

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