Qualitative Solutions


360° Consumer Journey

Join your consumer’s journey to gain an in-depth view into who they are, how they think, act, experience and live.  Go beyond conscious self-reports from consumers about their views and experiences and see what’s really going on, first-hand.  Powerful immersions, in-situ ethnography and U&As are just some of the techniques used to deliver this robust 360° view.


On-Site Observation & Intercepts

Watch, listen and learn.  Head into field to observe and spontaneously speak to your target while they are in-the-moment doing what they do best – being themselves.  Any location is possible – including retail, office, school, medical – just to name a few. This approach delivers valuable real-time insights.


Virtual Visits

Our virtual research tools allow us to speak to consumers across multiple geographic regions while saving travel costs and time for our clients.  Longitudinal approaches enable an in-depth understanding of attitudes, behaviour and experiences at various touchpoints.  Online boards and interviews are just some of the many approaches in our virtual toolbox.


Shop Together

Obtain first-hand insight into consumers’ thought process as they shop for and decide which product or service to buy.  Be with them from consideration to their final choice, and experience their reactions to each element along the path to purchase.


Workshop Facilitation & Brainstorming

An iterative building-block approach that keeps teams engaged and absorbed and drives actionable results.  No minute is left unused or stone left unturned.

In Home


This approach takes us into consumers’ homes where we can observe and understand how people live – and where and how products, services and experiences fit into their lives.  Being in this natural environment yields a deeply connected discussion which illuminates rich in-situ insights and observations beyond claimed behaviour.


Mobile Ethnography

Join consumers in their world to obtain personal, unfiltered insights, anytime and anywhere. This approach leverages participants’ mobile devices in various settings to deliver authentic, revealing insights during everyday moments in consumers’ lives.


Boot Camp

An intensive, immersive work session which leverages the collective brainpower of the team, the researchers and consumers.  This approach breaks down barriers by bringing the team out from behind the 1-way mirror and into the frontline with consumers.


Power Connects

A round robin, speed-dating type format, this approach provides teams with an opportunity to connect with a large number of respondents in a short period of time.  Discussions are conducted simultaneously in a fast-paced, high energy environment.  The “dates” might be quick, but the insights are plenty.  


Traditional Focus Groups and Interviews

We still believe in the power of traditional focus groups and in-depth interviews to immerse the team and unearth valuable insights. 

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